Our goal

Why Trampolin pa Trabao?

For people with a mental or physical disability, work is of enormous importance. A job can give people with a disability a sense of accomplishment, self-respect, and independence. Work provides both a source of income and opportunities to develop skills, build new relationships and contribute to society. In addition, work can also play an important role in improving their physical and mental health. For example, work can help reduce stress and improve overall mood.


Purpose of the foundation

In 2015, the 'Kibra Barera' project was launched. Together with other foundations, Cede Aruba (of which Trampolin pa Trabao is a part) has received funding for a job coach for 2 years.

The foundation's target group is people with a disability from the age of 16 who are at home and have sufficient potential to work but cannot enter the regular labor market due to their disability. Trampolin pa Trabao wants to contribute to a better living environment for this group of people, and increase understanding and respect for others, regardless of their disability. By working at Trampolin pa Trabao, people with disabilities gain work experience and develop their social and cognitive skills. Most importantly, they have fun and can discover their self-worth and talents.


What will the foundation do with the collected money?

The foundation will use the collected money to refurbish a container unit. This refurbishment includes two new air conditioners, windows, doors, tables, and chairs. The guidance and training of the clients can be given in this container unit. In the past, there was not enough space for this at the foundation.

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